Homestead Valley (Mill Valley Neighborhoods Description)

September 16, 2008

Roughly stated, Homestead Valley sits between Sycamore Parkand Tam Valley–think “across from Whole Foods.” George Lucas lived here, above Tamalpais High School, way back when.

It is an unincoprated area with about 1,100 homes. Homes here vary in stature and price. There are fine estates with super views and cabin-sized dwellings in need of love.

Stolte Grove is a delightful park in HV, bisected by Reed Creek. It has picnic tables, barbecues, and a stage on which my girls have been known to provide impromptu performances of varying qualities and lengths. There is also garden area nearby. You can find both of these parks at Montford and LaVerne Avenues on the the loop. The Marin Horizon School is in Homestead Valley (pre-school through eighth grade).

Blithedale Canyon (Mill Valley Neighborhoods Descriptions)

September 16, 2008

Blithedale Canyon is easy to find. Just head west on E. Blithedale until you pass the Art Club (where I got married) and head into the trees. This area is fabulous and is home to many of Mill Valley’s celebrities and elite. It boasts tall redwoods, lots of trails, parkland, and prototypically narrow Mill Valley streets.

Many homes are just a short walk to downtown. Many other homes are way up in the hills–the ultimate in privacy. At bottom, the canyon is dominated by the gentle flow of Corte Madera Creek–it’s a quiet, redwooded haven for crafstman-style cottages, cabins, blackberry bushes, deer, old stone walls, foggy mornings, and even some hidden staircases. Above all, it’s a fine place for a relaxing stroll. 

Many hikers start their days at the Old Railroad Grade trailhead.

Cascade Canyon (Mill Valley Neighborhoods Description)

September 16, 2008

Heading west from Downtown Mill Valley on Throckmorton you will come across Old Mill Park on the left (Old Mill School is on the right). Head into the park and you will then run into Cascade Drive, which winds its way through the trees and along the creek way up into the hills.

This is delightful Cascade Canyon. It is supremely picturesque and a hot area for real estate. Tall redwoods, lots of trails, parkland, and the prototypically narrow Mill Valley streets are all present here.

Many homes are just a short walk to downtown. Many other homes are way up in the hills–the ultimate in privacy.

Middle Ridge (Mill Valley Neighborhoods Description)

September 16, 2008

Location. Location. Location. Middle Ridge (the community inhabiting the ridge between Blithdale and Cascade Canyons) is considered by many locals to be one of Mill Valley, California’s most desirable neighborhoods. It is known for being warm and sunny, with some outstanding views of the Bay and of San Francisco. It is just a few short blocks from downtown and many of Mill Valley’s finest homes are situated here.

Boyle Park (Mill Valley Neighborhoods Description)

September 5, 2008

Boyle Park is one of Mill Valley’s most sought-after neighborhoods. It sits on the northern side of E. Blithedale Road in Mill Valley, Marin County, California. As its name suggests, it is named after and surrounds the park that shares its name and serves as its anchor. Boyle Park is truly one of the best parks in Mill Valley, with sports fields, tennis, paths, and other areas for playing (including a toddlers area), picnics, and relaxing. It features the following:

  • Large open grassy area
  • Tennis courts (Passes required)
  • Picnic tables
  • Bench or benches
  • Bathrooms
  • Playground/play structure
  • Creek access
  • Baseball diamond
  • Large open grassy area 
  • BBQ Grill & group picnic areas (reservations required)
  • Dogs permitted – Leash required

Boyle Park is also one of the sunnier parts of Mill Valley, is close to downtown, and just a couple of minutes off HWY 101. Home prices range from about $1 million to $2 million, with exceptional properties selling above that price range. These prices are about average for Mill Valley.

If you have any questions about Boyle Park, Mill Valley, or Marin County, please let me know. My name is Kyle Frazier. I am a broker and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) with Frank Howard Allen Realtors (the biggest and best firm in Marin County). And it is always my pleasure to be of service. I can be reached at (415) 350-9440.