Homestead Valley (Mill Valley Neighborhoods Description)

September 16, 2008

Roughly stated, Homestead Valley sits between Sycamore Parkand Tam Valley–think “across from Whole Foods.” George Lucas lived here, above Tamalpais High School, way back when.

It is an unincoprated area with about 1,100 homes. Homes here vary in stature and price. There are fine estates with super views and cabin-sized dwellings in need of love.

Stolte Grove is a delightful park in HV, bisected by Reed Creek. It has picnic tables, barbecues, and a stage on which my girls have been known to provide impromptu performances of varying qualities and lengths. There is also garden area nearby. You can find both of these parks at Montford and LaVerne Avenues on the the loop. The Marin Horizon School is in Homestead Valley (pre-school through eighth grade).