We ♥ MV

There are many reasons we ♥ Mill Valley (“MV”) and here are a few of them:

  1. A quick and easy commute to San Francisco
  2. often spectacular views of the Bay and Mt. Tam
  3. excellent schools
  4. pleasant weather
  5. a mellow, laid back ambiance
  6. a town square unlike any other in Marin (you have to go to the town of Sonoma for anything like it)
  7. diverse social events (think Mill Valley Film Festival)
  8. lots of good restaurants
  9. “The Song”
  10. Outdoor Art Center (my wife and I got married there)
  11. excellent shopping choices, including non-gentrified, family-owned boutiques and shops of all kinds
  12. virtually unlimited access to nature
  13. Tenessee Valley to Tenessee Beach walk 
  14. Country Club
  15. Lucretia Little History Room
  16. Sunnyside
  17. Tony’s Shoe Repair (388-5935, 38 Corte Madera Ave.)
  18. O’Hanlon Center for the Arts
  19. Buckeye Roadhouse (331-2600)
  20. Sycamore Park
  21. Acqua Hotel (380-0400)
  22. Mill Valley Golf Course
  23. Strawberry Village
  24. Red Rocker
  25. Marin Theater Compay
  26. the public library
  27. secret stairways
  28. Sustainable Mill Valley
  29. Fall Arts Festival
  30. the Community Center
  31. drop-in doubles at Boyle Park Tennis Courts
  32. Tea Fountain on Miller Avenue